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Customization of trucks

Van Vliet has the disposal of modern workshop facilities, enabling customization of trucks done to the highest standards of craftmanship and meeting requirements and agreed specifications. Van Vliet has a highly experienced team of mechanics, ready to cater for any special requirements. Modifications, bodywork, installing hydraulic cranes, dumpers, or anything else: the customization of trucks is one of the many services that Van Vliet can offer you.

The trucks delivered by Van Vliet are always made to measure. The customer only has to ask and Van Vliet will carry out. It is no problem to adjust the chassis, lengthen it, shorten it or replace the suspension system; design and construct mobile workshops; install tanks, dumpers, hydraulic cranes, carry out spraying and lettering. In addition, an inspection team checks all critical points of every vehicle and replaces parts when necessary.

Van Vliet employes over 30 experienced mechanics, who are always ready to help you.

Previous work

Special products that Van Vliet has made as part of a customized order include:

  • Mobile workshops
  • Emergency trucks (ambulances, firetrucks, police cars, arrest cars)
  • Environmental service trucks
  • Passenger transporters
  • Tanker trucks
  • Cargo trucks

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