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Just like the previous years, Van Vliet Trucks has donated a sum of money to a charity that would have otherwise be used for gifts for various business relations. In previous years, Van Vliet has supported causes such at the Hospice IJssel Thuis in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, the Bart de Graaf foundation for patients with kidney diseases and Liberian Trust, a school and library project in Liberia. This year, Van Vliet has chosen to support War Child.

War Child is a foundation that is committed to bettering the life of hundreds of thousands of children that are involved in war in conflict-affected areas. The foundation helps these children process their experiences, gain confidence in themselves and helps them in making contact with others again. War Child creates safe places where children can play, continue their education and where they learn to cope with their traumatic experiences. War Child is also active in countries where Van Vliet does business. With this donation, Van Vliet Trucks hopes to contribute to the great effort War Child makes worldwide.

CEO Tjipke Bergsma from War Child:

“Being War Child does not mean we can help children just by ourselves. It is because of the engagement from companies and their contribution that we can support more war children in a sustainable way. It is also because of companies that we can maintain a low-cost-policy which ensures that as many funds as possible go to the children. Thanks to donations like these, War Child can succeed in reaching a growing number of children. In short: giving war children confidence and opportunities is something we do together!”

Support War Child 

War Child always welcomes more Business Friends. Caught your attention, or would you like more information? Please visit the site.