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Project supply

The conditions in which people and equipment have to operate in (emergency) aid areas are much tougher than in other places.

Van Vliet is aware that its vehicles can be subjected to the most rigorous treatment. The fact that the vehicles are used so intensively, the usually poor infrastructure and the likely shortage of experienced drivers and maintenance mechanics often mean that vehicles are tested to the limit. But it is in these very areas and under these extreme conditions that it is crucial for customers to be able to rely absolutely on the trucks supplied by Van Vliet.

Storage, Preparation and Logistics of Vehicles

For various organizations, Van Vliet offers a complete service in the management of their fleet. This includes the storage of the vehicles and parts and the associated inventory control. Additionally, Van Vliet takes care of all worries related to modifations and delivery; preparation and adaption of vehicles in some countries and under certain circumstances; and, performing logistical tasks.

Priority orders

GO/NGO's can count on an extremely fast service, handling and delivery of related vehicles and parts. In emergency cases, an order will be processed with the greatest care and with the greatest possible throughput prepared for delivery. Van Vliet provides all possible assistance to supply the vehicles in the shortest possible time in order to continue.

Maintenance and Training by Van Vliet

Van Vliet can also supply experienced manpower to instruct drivers and mechanics on the spot. Van Vliet can supply a mechanic with a service vehicle, on secondment basis, to give local drivers and mechanics a technical training course in the maintenance and repair of the vehicles. Maintenance, above all, is crucial. Once maintenance is properly organized, there should be little further need for repairs. Van Vliet will see to it that the supplied equipment continues to function properly.






Project vehicles