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Van Vliet International

High quality maintenance and repair services are often difficult to find in Africa. Van Vliet International B.V. has been created to set up service centres in Africa.


We will offer maintenance and repair services to our customers, in a first class facility with state of the art equipment and highly qualified staff. We will also provide original spare parts, tyres and fleet management services.


Van Vliet International B.V. has officially been appointed by MAN Truck & Bus SE from Germany as the official importer of new MAN trucks and buses for several African countries. The local service centres are a key element in the collaboration with MAN. The first country where we developed a truck workshop in collaboration with MAN is Togo. This concept is also a model for the further rollout of Van Vliet's expansion plans in other African countries. In October 2019 a new branch was opened in Ghana. The aim is to expand the import agency in the next years to more countries on the African continent.


Van Vliet International wants to play a positive role in the countries where we operate. In this respect we will invest a lot in knowledge transfer. Besides intensive training programmes for our technical staff, we will also organise technical training for other companies and students. Most of our key customers have experienced the benefits of having well trained drivers. Van Vliet International will therefore not only offer training of mechanics, but also training for drivers. We intend to work closely with local vocational training institutes.

High quality maintenance and repair services