The Whistleblowing hotline

A whistleblower hotline is a vital tool for organizations, both internally and externally, as it serves to promote transparency, accountability and ethical practices. Internally, the presence of a whistleblower hotline encourages employees to report any instances of misconduct, fraud or unethical behavior without fear of reprisal. It creates a safe and confidential avenue for employees to raise concerns, allowing management to address and rectify issues promptly, ultimately safeguarding the organization's integrity and reputation.

Externally, a whistleblower hotline demonstrates an organization's commitment to ethical practices and its willingness to address any wrongdoing. It serves as a channel for external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers or the general public, to report any suspicions or observations of misconduct related to the organization. This external hotline reinforces trust and accountability, assuring stakeholders that their concerns will be taken seriously and investigated appropriately.

Overall, the whistleblower hotline plays a crucial role in preventing and detecting wrongdoing within an organization, fostering a culture of integrity and protecting the interests of both internal and external stakeholders.

In case of compliance breach: The whistleblowing hotline
Phone: +31 (0)85 - 83 30 607 (24/7 available)
Email: (not for order requests)

Code of Conduct

As an internationally operating organization, we consider a code of conduct to be of utmost importance and strive to adhere to it diligently. A code of conduct serves as a set of guidelines and principles that govern our actions, behavior and decision-making processes. By adhering to a code of conduct, we demonstrate our commitment to ethical practices, integrity and accountability in all our interactions.

The significance of a code of conduct lies in its ability to foster trust and maintain a positive reputation among our stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners and the wider community. It provides a framework for creating a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment, ensuring fair treatment and equal opportunities for all. Moreover, it helps prevent conflicts of interest, bribery, corruption and other forms of unethical behavior.

By upholding a code of conduct, we create a strong organizational culture that promotes professionalism, transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It guides our employees' conduct and serves as a reference point for making ethical decisions, even in complex situations. Ultimately, a well-defined and consistently enforced code of conduct strengthens our organization's credibility, fosters sustainable growth and enables us to contribute positively to the global business community.

Code of Conduct