Van Vliet Automotive Togo

Official Importer of MAN Truck & Bus SE
Nationale N°1, Tsikplonou-Kondji
PIA Annexe, 01 BP1797 Lomé 01
Adétikope - LOME - TOGO 

Van Vliet Automotive has been present in Togo for several years with its own establishment, providing local technical and commercial support. We aim to be close to our customers in this exciting region with growing opportunities. Our dedicated local staff members are trained to deliver the best service to our clients. They receive full support from our headquarters in the Netherlands, ensuring access to the present MAN stock vehicles.

We are proud to announce the upcoming opening of a brand-new, modern and fully equipped facility, on the PIA Annexe Industrial Platform Zone. This development represents another significant step in expanding Van Vliet's presence with MAN in Africa. Our new location will enable us to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively, meeting their evolving needs.

At Van Vliet Automotive, we understand the importance of providing reliable logistic/transportation solutions in Africa. We are committed to contributing to the development of the region's infrastructure and economy. With our extensive experience and expertise, we strive to be the preferred partner for businesses seeking quality vehicles and exceptional customer service.

We look forward to continuing our successful journey in Togo and across Africa, expending our local presences and supporting our customers' growth and success.