Van Vliet Automotive is an authorized importer of MAN Truck & Bus. With branches in Ghana and Togo and our headquarters located in the Netherlands, we are proud to offer MAN's high quality vehicles to our customers in West Africa.

As an importer of MAN Truck & Bus, we have an extensive range of vehicles that meet the highest European quality standards. Whether it is trucks, buses or commercial vehicles, MAN is known for its reliability, durability and innovation.

At Van Vliet, we understand the unique needs of our customers in the transportation and logistics sector. That's why we strive to provide customized solutions that perfectly fit their business operations. Whether you are looking for a truck for goods transport, a bus for passenger transport or a specific commercial vehicle, our team of experts is ready to advise and guide you in making the right choice.

MAN Truck & Bus is a leading brand known for its technological innovations and advanced functionalities. From advanced engines to intelligent safety features and environmentally friendly solutions, MAN vehicles are designed to perform under the toughest conditions, while ensuring optimum efficiency and comfort for the driver and passengers.

We invite you to discover more about the MAN Truck & Bus brand on our website. Here you will find detailed information about the different models, technical specifications and innovative features MAN has to offer. Whether you are an experienced transportation entrepreneur or just starting out in the industry, we are here to support you and provide you with the best solutions for your transportation needs.

At Van Vliet, we believe in building strong and long-term relationships with our customers. We strive to provide excellent service and after-sales support to ensure your MAN vehicle is always kept in optimal condition. Our expert team of technicians are ready to assist you with maintenance, repairs and supplying genuine MAN parts.

Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of MAN vehicles and the services we offer. Van Vliet and MAN Truck & Bus are your reliable partners in European quality transportation solutions.


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